Who dives into Benin’s history, stumbles upon slave trading, colonization, military coups and voodoo kingdoms. Not exactly a land to put high on your travel wish list? Maybe you should! The different aspects of the country’s history, its geographical location and the mix of cultures make Benin a destination worth to discover. And when you visit, will experience that the country is very tourist friendly in terms of infrastructure, public transport and the development of responsible tourism. Meet a king, visit a voodoo festival, travel by wooden boat to a stilt village, go wildlife spotting and integrate all impressions at the beach!

practical informations

Tourist highlights:Porto Novo, Park Pendjari, Tanougou Falls, Ganvié, Dassa, Ouidah, Cotonou
Capital:Porto Novo
Population:~12 million
Language:French and several local languages including Fon and Yoruba
Currency:Franc CFA (XOF)
Voltage:220 V, types C and E plugs
Safety:Most of the country is safe for tourists, except for the border zones with Niger and Burkina
Travel documents:Passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months before arrival, most nationalities require a visa. Papillon will assist with the letter of invitation for you to apply for it.
Yellow fever vaccination needed.