Being a home of many of West Africa’s major cultural group, Mali is country as rich in historical. The legendary Timbuktu, Djenne the capital of mud, the Manding coutry and grand Niger river.

Burkina Faso, is also the home with vibrant cultural mix ethnics groups, Lobi country animist belief, fascinating rocks formation around Banfora region, Bobo the capital of music and art.

Togo, the twin country of Benin. It offers a great diversity of landscape and wildlife such as monkeys, elephants, crocs and antelopes. In the South, pristine beaches await!

Benin: the birthplace of voodoo. A land of history, with the Door of No Return in Ouidah. For nature lovers, Pendjari Park and Park Regional W are the two best places for wildlife in West Africa.

One of the most exciting country in the region, Guinea’s varied landscape offer unforgettable experience. Chains of Mountains, desert plains, amazing waterfalls and hiking in the central plateau of Fouta Djallon.

Sierra Leone is home to 16 different ethnic groups, each with their own language. It has some of the best white sand beaches in the world. There’s an amazing wildlife in this country to experience, from a visit to the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary to watching amazing bird species.

Niger is perhaps West Africa’s less travel destination; discover the fascinating town of Agadez, ancient city of Zinder, Africa last herd of giraffe in west Africa at Koure.